About the site:

SHY Entrepreneur is an acronym for Small, Home based and Young Entrepreneurs.

This site is the result of a Characteristic Word Mapping exercise that I conducted on my self while finishing my Masters program.

The goal of the site is to assist SHY Entrepreneurs in succeeding in life and the world of business by establishing a community that can share ever evolving skills, training, and experience. We seek to educate entrepreneurs on measures that assist in minimizing risk, maximizing profitability, maintaining integrity, and increasing enjoyment.The internet is saturated with information on “online entrepreneurs” and while this site will touch on internet ventures we are not focused on internet pursuits. The internet is a tool which entrepreneurs should use but the world of entrepreneurship transcends the web.

Fundamental truths underline all that we do. It is my belief that both our success and failure can be rooted back to these truths. Whenever possible I will highlight these truths for you. I identify many of these in the General Business Principles section of the site.

About Me
My name is TJ Mollahan and I am the founder of SHYEntrepreneur.com. To understand a bit of who I am and where the idea for the site came from here is a little story…

The lights for the direction of my life turned on for me while in high school. I was really into paintball and had purchased a sniper style gun complete with a home made silencer. Realizing the effectiveness of the silencer I ripped it apart to figure out how it was made. After determining how one was made, I built a few and all my friends and I were equipped for sniper paintball.

When the time came to sell my gun I listed it on Ebay. Not thinking much about it I added little note saying “If you would like a silencer email me and I will build one for $29.00” Shortly after the auction went live I started receiving emails from people wanting to buy silencers.
I couldn’t believe it, people actually wanted to pay me $29.00 for something that cost me less than $5.00 and didn’t take more than an hour to produce. I hit the pay day!!!

Well, not so much. After four silencers where in the mail, and the money was in the account I was contacted by an individual who informed me of the legal ramifications for selling silencers. Needless to say, my short lived operation was shut down.
What I learned however was that it is not difficult to make a quality product, bring it to the market, and make money. This was my push into engineering and business.

Since that day I have gone on to complete my studies in engineering and have pursued multiple successful ventures.

I love to engineer business. The drive to understand the world around me doesn’t stop at the mechanical, it also pours into the social and economical systems that make our way of life possible. In the same way that I can marvel at the inner workings of an analog watch, I am equally intrigued by the internal dynamics that allow any system to operate day to day.


Masters: Washington State University

  • METM: Masters of Engineering and Technology Management

Undergrad: Eastern Washington University

  • BS: Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • BS: Technology/Manufacturing
  • Minors: Business Administration, Physics


About the Author

TJ Engineer and Entrepreneur