How To Make Easy Money Fast

Making money is easy; making money fast is where the challenge begins. If you want to learn proven methods of how to make easy money fast read on. Money is made as value is provided. Value can take the form of a product or service. So, the faster you can provide a product or a service the faster you can make money. It is that straight forward and that simple, anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is not making money. The principles discussed here apply to all situations but if you are interested in how to make money for kids a previous article discusses in more detail what kids can do to make some change.

So, the fastest way to sell a product is to start with something you already have. Old widgets that have been sitting on the shelf can sometimes have a tremendous value. To liquidate these widgets you can use platforms such as eBay, craigslist, local classifieds, consignment stores, or a good old fashion garage/yard sale.

Keep in mind that people make decisions based on emotion so what ever you are selling should look good. Products that are newer and still have a box will sell much faster than old used ones. A quick layer of paint on a picture frame or a nice scrub down could mean the difference between an item that demands $20 and one that only demands $5.

A good technique to help move items is to create a sense of urgency. You need to maintain your integrity so by no means should you lie or mislead your potential customers but you can let them know that you are only going to have the item for sale for a short amount of time. Limited sales happen all the time and are a huge push for higher sales volumes.

Now that we have covered products, let’s dive into some services. A service I could have offered over the winter was shoveling driveways. If I had walked through the neighborhood knocking on doors offering to shovel a drive way for $9 I could have easily paid for all of my Christmas presents within one day. A normal size driveway doesn’t take more than ½ hour, sometimes less. Given that it would not be hard to create a cash flow between $18 and $27 an hour. That is some significant earnings for your spare time.

The same goes for mowing lawn, cleaning windows, or washing cars. What you want to do is offer a fixed cost for a fixed service, and you want your cost to be low enough customers can justify paying it. Most tasks around the house don’t require a ton of time. I would suggest focusing on the tasks that take 20 minuets or less. Take washing a car for example. It takes maybe 20 minuets and you could easily sell the service for 5-7 dollars a pop. THAT’S $15-$21 DOLLARS AN HOUR!!! I know of professions that require masters degrees that don’t pay that well.

I hope that gives you some ideas on how to make some easy money fast. People often say well that is not easy, and to that I say, yes it is, stop being lazy. Don’t confuse easy with effortless. Nothing and I mean nothing will come to you if you believe effort is not required. This holds as true for relationships, for your health, and for your pocket book.

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