Pre Business

(Focused on the individual) Answers how to approach business. Focus on the person’s, mind set, common assumptions and misconceptions. How to approach, what to think about, find a direction, what is success, what do you want, who are you.

Island Economics

Have you ever wondered why one company thrives while another fizzles? It is a question that I come back to on a continual basis. The more I process the factors associated with success and failure of businesses the more I realize the answers for both are numerous. I don’t like this. I have to believe …

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Youth Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is in many ways a mindset and often times can be identified at a young age. Entrepreneurs in their youth exhibit many of the traits found in their later years. Inventive problem solving, challenging the norm, and an ability to adapt are all signs of an entrepreneur. If this can be identified and nurtured …

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