Youth Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is in many ways a mindset and often times can be identified at a young age. Entrepreneurs in their youth exhibit many of the traits found in their later years. Inventive problem solving, challenging the norm, and an ability to adapt are all signs of an entrepreneur.

If this can be identified and nurtured early on, the dividends will be significant. As we are exposed to business and the world around us, we become more and more accustomed to how things operate. This can desensitize us into thinking the way we have always done something is the only way it can be done. A young mind has a significant advantage in that the slate can be clean of false assumptions, which are often the only barriers to change.

Problem solving can mean any number or things, but most often it is simply getting things done. The single biggest trait that I have personally witnessed among successful individuals is their ability to get things accomplished. There is no blaming of others or waiting for certain circumstances–rather, there are only two questions to ask: What is in the way, and how do we put it behind us?

Often underlining assumptions are the reason a project is not moving forward, and challenging such assumptions is a trait common to entrepreneurs. Not taking what is handed to you at face value can many times open up doors that are commonly missed. Challenging assumptions is an integral part of being an entrepreneur.

If  it is not natural for you to go against the grain, don’t worry–there is still hope. Like anything else, viewing the world through a lens of entrepreneurship can be developed. Learning how to become an entrepreneur and developing successful habits is not difficult–it simply requires a little persistence.

There is a popular quote that says: “the only constant is change”–with that, it is not a surprise that success is often accompanied with adaptation. Individuals with the ability to see and react to change possess a skill many lack. If someone you know embodies any of what was stated above, it is quite possible you have an entrepreneur on your hands.

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