Successful Ads

The single most influential vehicle to the growth of an established business is marketing with successful ads. Successful advertising campaigns come in many forms, and often times the most effective are not on billboards or TV.

Start with your target market. If you know your market inside and out as you should, you know where your target prospects hang out, what they read, with whom they associate. Take advantage of and exploit all you know.

A well placed ad can be far more effective than a TV commercial. The idea is obviously to spend less on running the ad than it brings in. This is why a laser focus on your specific niche is so important. Which do you think will perform better; a commercial during prime time television advertising a new feature for people with motor homes, or an ad in the back of motor home magazine?

Once you find the avenue you want to take do your home work and determine what call to actions produce the best results for your product or service. A term often used for this is split testing. Split testing is simply splitting your campaign into different approaches and noting which produced the best results.

4 types of buyer personalities to target to make successful ads:

  • Methodical. Slow and thorough in researching a purchase. May be skeptical, they want to know where’s the catch? They are big on comparisons and like technical details.
  • Spontaneous. This is an emotional driven individual who likes instant gratification and an easy fix. Quick to respond to incentives.
  • Humanistic. Relational based. Likes to know what others have to say. Big on reviews.
  • Competitive. Driven by a need to be on the cutting edge, is as much interested in how the product will reflect on them as they are about what the product will do.

Successful advertising campaigns are made possible through this approach all the time. As you run your marketing campaigns continue to review the results and determine where you are receiving the greatest response.

In All Cases Invoke Curiosity

The idea behind an ad is to invoke curiosity. If a prospect reads your ad and immediately knows what you are offering than you have a poor ad. If on the other hand the read it and become curious about how you can solve a problem they have than the ad has done its job.

Creating a good hook is not always that easy but anyone can do it. Stay up at night and take the time to watch a few infomercials. If you can find an infomercial for a similar product or service to the one you offer determine how they are agitating the problem that your product solves? The product they are pitching appears to be the best and only solution for the need it has been created to meet.

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