How To Make Money for Kids

I covered in entrepreneur ideas for kids a step by step procedure for finding, buying, and selling products but today I would like to cover an alternative method on how to make money for kids. Children often times live under the umbrella of their parents and may not need or care to make some extra change but for those that do read on. If a child has the desire making money they can start in less time then it takes to read this article.

The fastest most proven way for a child to make some money is through services. Children are a crowning point of many neighborhoods and as such loved by almost everyone. This means that very few people will say no to a kid who wants to weed a garden, shovel a drive way, or pick up dog poop for a few bucks.

I would suggest focusing on one service and repeatedly approaching neighbors to offer the service. Have a fixed rate for a fixed service. I know there a ton of jobs around my house that I would love to have completed for a mere 5 bucks. The crazy thing is that most of the jobs don’t require more than a half hour to complete; I simply don’t have the time to get them all done.
Offering services in a neighbor hood is also a great way to teach children good work ethic, and money management. As a kid takes part in commerce and sees how it works first hand they build an appreciation for how the world operates.

While this method is primarily focused on children it also works with adults. Anyone can offer a service in their neighborhood for a few extra bucks. The secret formula for making money is simply to add value. If you can perform a service that someone else finds valuable then you can make money.

It truly is that easy. Remember, if a need exists the opportunity to make money exists. If you are having trouble figuring out what to do think in terms of your potential customers. They don’t want your service; they want what your service brings them. They don’t want you mowing their lawn, they want a good looking yard, they don’t want you washing their car, they want a clean car, get it.

Before you know it you will be making a good deal of change. If you stick to one service you will find that with time it becomes easier and faster for you to provide. What originally took you 2 hours to complete could dwindle down to ½ hour. As an upsell perhaps you can get a monthly fee for upkeep on whatever initial service you provided. Think about it for $20 a month for keeping weeds out of a garden, or 5 dollars a week for watering a lawn, or walking a dog.

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