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    1. 5k is more than enough to get started in any business. I would suggest however you refine your focus a bit. What industry specifically do you want to take part in internationally?

    1. Well, I hope you find much of what you are looking for here. Here at Shy we will provide a perspective that has been proven through practical experience not simply based on theoretical ideas. If you have anything specific you would like us to address let us know. If you haven’t checked out the info on competitive advantages that would be a good place to start.

  1. Real this is the great place to learn about business,it has helped me a lots but still I want to know should I encourage savings in my business and why?Because Im always tempted to utilize the profit earned into another business instead of saving it.

    1. Yes, save save save. As a small business one of the realities that you will face sooner or later is market fluctuation. When the market dips you need to have the capital available to weather the storm. If you have the capital you will be positioned to grab market share from all the competition that failed to keep reserves. You hear prominent business men and women say how much they love down markets because they can pick up assets and for next to nothing. The reason they can do this is because they have the capital to do so and the people that didn’t save need to sell what they have to cover their debts.

  2. I have my small bussness dealing wth motorbyk spareparts,elelectrical devices and other constracting the problems is that am also employed by a certain tobacco co as a leaf tech there for my bussiness is nw managed by somebodys plz may you help me on the proper mechanisms to conyrol my bussiness?
    my task nw is only dealing with puchasing and financial management.

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